ChatterPal Smart Chat Commercial Software with OTO Upsell By Paul Ponna Review

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If You want to boost your sales, leads and results using several industry leading features and artificial intelligence, You have to try Chatterpal Smart Chat Software. Why? It’s because Chatterpal is special designed by Paul Ponna with merges cutting-edge Interactive 3D Avatar technology and AI backed SMART Chat Automation.

ChatterPal Smart Chat Commercial Software :: is Best Live Chat tool with new hybrid technology merges Next Generation Interactive 3D Avatars and Artificial Intelegents Chat Automation to boost sales and conversions on any website. By leveraging the power of AI, state-of-the-art Text-to-Speech, instant translation, 3D animation and lip-sync technologies, Chatterpal will grab your visitors’ attention then guide them into your sales funnels. Chatterpal will be your own personal assistant that’s on the job 24/7 to turn more of your visitors into sales. Chatterpal can reach out, connect, and interact to your site visitors automatically. It will reduce bounce rates, boost engagement, and get more leads into sales funnel, then earn more profit for you.

So How to get more conversions with chatterpal smart chat commercial software? Simply 4 steps to do: Grab and Keep Your Visitors’ Attention, Interact With Them and Get Their Questions Answered, Guide Them Into Your Sales Funnel or Store Checkout Page and DONE – Just Rinse and Repeat.

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ChatterPal Smart Chat Commercial Software with OTO Upsell By Paul Ponna Review

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ChatterPal’s Amazing Features:

  • Onboard Instant Language Translation. Your can translate any chat flow into any language with just a click. Perfect for setting up custom-tailored chat agents for individual countries/languages.
  • Next-Generation Text-To-Speech Technology. Chatterpal supporting over 55 life-like voices in 25 languages. This is the same cutting-edge voice technology that powers Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • Revolutionary Live-Link Technology. Place a ChatterPal agent on ANY website (even the ones you don’t own), and use that content to get leads and even affiliate sales. A great way to get leads, subscribers and revenue, even if you don’t have a website of your own.
  • Smart Analytics Engine. get real-time feedback on what’s working and not working. The system will automatically adjust the chat flows to improve results as you go. You also get in-depth analytics on conversions, geo-location, engagement time and more.
  • One-Click Logo Mapping. Now you can brand your 3D avatar chat agents with your company brand or logo. It also moves and flexes with the avatar’s movements, for a more life-like effect than ever.
  • Pre-made Chat Flow Templates And Easy Customization. ChatterPal’s onboard library is loaded with pre-made and fully-customizable chat flow templates. It’s a complete “out of box solution” to create standard or advanced chat interactions quickly and easily.
  • 43 Life-Like 3D-Animated Avatar Characters. Incredibly realistic (male and female) and even animal avatars that you can use interact with your visitors with Text-to-speech or any voiceover.
  • cool collection of elements and attention-grabbing emoticons to use in your chat flows.
  • Personalized 3D Chat Agent.
  • Convert ANY Green Screen Video Into An Interactive Human Chat Agent.
  • Unlimited cloud hosting.

With Chatterpal Smart Chat Tool, You can:

  • Manage to give Coupons or Discounts to your customers.
  • Communicate and engage with any visitor in real-time – on ANY device.
  • Generate qualified leads, customers, and even affiliate commissions by showcasing content on other websites that you don’t even own.
  • Offer timely/personalized incentives, bonuses,and other cool stuff to turn visitors into sales.
  • Gain your customers trust, drive repeat sales and improve user experience by increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Take orders, appointments, handle support/service issues, get customers’ questions answered with no staff or pricey virtual agents needed.
  • And many more.

What Chatterpal Smart Chat Commercial Software Can Do?

  • Engage And Captivate Attention With Interactive 3D Avatars & Award Winning Text-to-Speech.
  • Convert Ordinary Websites, Blogs & Funnels into SMART Sales Machines.
  • Create Unlimited ChatterPals For Yourself or Sell To Clients Using Commercial License.
  • Automate Leads and Sales Without Optin Forms or Landing Pages.
  • Get More Leads/Conversions Without Websites, landing Pages, Funnels or Optin Forms. Overlay ChatterPals On Other Sites.
  • Turn Traffic into Sales. Using Interactive 3D Avatars & Smart Chat To Close Sales/leads, Handle Objections, Take Orders, Book Appointments And Handle Support Duties Automatically.
  • Create Unlimited in any languages with One-Click Translation so that you can maximize reach and engagement.
  • Save Your Time & Money because you don’t need hiring staffs, virtual agents or sophisticated platforms.

Chatterpal Smart Chat App Has The following Advantages:

  • Easy to set up. Simply paste in a snippet of code on your website, or use our live-link technology to instantly add ChatterPal to ANY site you want.
  • Super-easy to use. With ultra-intuitive interface and pre-written chat flow templates, you’ll have your first 3D avatar chat agent up and running on your site – within minutes.
  • Set up an agent for every department. Have one chat agent handle sales, while another handles support issues, and so on. ChatterPal can handle virtually any on-site job you need.
  • Cutting-edge technology. Utilizing the latest innovations in AI, 3D-animation, text-to-speech, and instant translation. No other app on the market comes close – at any price
  • Works seamlessly on any device. Access your ChatterPal secure dashboard via any web browser. It’s hosted on Google’s cloud – no software installation or downloads required
  • Higher interaction and lower bounce rate – GUARANTEED. Chatterpal improves interaction with visitors. That means more engagement and sales.
  • Maximum global reach. Targeting specific markets or languages? ChatterPal lets you interact with visitors and customers in ANY language – with just one click.

Exclusive Valuable Bonuses of Chatterpal Smart Chat Commercial Software :

  • Unlimited Commercial License ($67/Month Value).
  • 10 Professional Call-To-Action Sales Scripts ($47 Value).
  • 20 Professional Voiceovers From The HOTTEST Niches ($67 Value).
  • 4 Extra Premium 3D Avatars (Special Bonus).

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Chatterpal Reviews

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