Shopify Konversion Theme Review – Best Shopify Theme for Boost Sales

Shopifay Konversion Theme

Shopify Konversion Theme Review + Discount – Best Shopify Theme for Boost Sales

Shopify Konversion Theme is best konversion theme for shopify for boost and maximizing your sales. It was very Fast & so Flexible Shopify Theme because It was packed with 20+ Conversion-Boosting Features. This Konversion Theme for shopify is the ultimate Shopify theme which was created from the ground up with a focus on making your store faster and more user-friendly. Moreover It was very easy to update without any design or coding skills, and ultimately giving all the tools you need to turn more visitors into buyers. So, The 3 Of Big Problems such as Loads too slowly, Call-to-Actions Are Ineffective, and the design is clunky will not be experienced by your customers.

Shopify Konversion Theme was designed with a focus on maximizing your customer’s overall experience. Konversion Theme for Shopify is very fast, easy to navigate. It also looks great on mobiles devices. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry, you can update it without any sort of technical skills or experience. There are so many themes out there that look good. But most of them are not focused on speed and the end user’s experience. Konversion Theme for Shopify looks great, it’s easy to use, it loads incredibly quickly, and people will love visiting your store. So, you should try it.

What are The Advantages of Shopify Konversion Theme?

Shopify Konversion Theme was Built for Mobile-First

Every aspect of going through the process of buying from your store works flawlessly on a mobile device. That means abandoned carts and missed sales due to a clunky mobile experience are a thing of the past. The user-experience prioritizes mobile visitors, which is often more than 80% of a store traffic, nowadays.

Shopify Konversion Theme was Built for Mobile-First

The Sales Focused Features

There are more over 20 options such as collection banners, sales tag, custom CTA, countdown timer, deal of the day widget, trust icons and any others pursuing the goal to boost your sales.

The Sales Focused Features

Very Easy To Find Products

With the Smart Search and Navigation features, your customers will be able to find what they are looking for right away. so that your product will be sold more and more.

Very Easy To Find Products

Features of Shopify Konversion Theme

#1 Homepage

  1. Page content

    Add the content of an existing page in your shop. Just Select the page, show or hide the title, define width of page block and its alignment. Hide it on desktop or mobile.

  2. Custom content

    Add a custom content block on desktop or mobile or both. Image, text, link, button. Play with the alignment and width of the custom content block, for example it be full width, with or without padding.

  3. Blog posts

    Add up to 5 rows of featured blog posts, in 2, 3 or 4 columns. Show post titles, dates, excerpts and Read more buttons.

  4. Testimonials

    Config your testimonial block in your homepage. You can add text, image, name, company and link for each testimonial .

  5. Slideshow

    Slideshow was made very flexible because It is often what customers see first. Including: desktop and mobile display or both, dimensions, title/subtitle and content size, frequency/speed, styling, content alignment and location, and overlay opacity and many more.

  6. Logos grid

    Easily Upload your own images as a logo and add a link on each.

  7. Icons

    This feature was very useful to show. For example: Free returnc icons, Secure payment, Money-back guarantee, Free Shipping or others. Some of built-in icons was ready. Or you can upload yours.

  8. Instagram feed

    Feature your Instragram feed on your homepage.

  9. Google Map

    Show your store location in a Google Map on your homepage.

  10. Loox Visual Reviews

    Display reviews with photos, select to hide reviews without image, define the number of reviews to show and the maximum width of the Loox widget.

  11. Newsletter Form

    Grow your mailing list up with a newsletter sign up form anywhere. Configure a CTA title, a description and a button.

  12. Section separator

    Separators comes with the ability to select the size (Ultra Thin, Thin, Normal, Bold), to remove or add margins and to hide on desktop or mobile.

  13. Collections list

    Show some featured collections, with the collection featured image. Enable image cropping if your collection featured images are not all of the same size or ratio.

  14. Single Collection

    Feature one single collection.

  15. Single Product

    Showcase one star product in your homepage.

  16. Featured Products

    Similar to the Single collection section, the featured products section allow a manual selection of products by the merchant.

  17. Youtube video

    Make your homepage more dynamic with a video. Just paste your Youtube video URL.

I apologize. Below, I write concisely. I’m afraid you feel bored if this post is too long. But don’t worry, you can visit the official website of the Shopify Konversion Theme by clicking the button below.

#2 Header

  1. Announcement Top Bar
  2. Menus
  3. Header Cart Widget
  4. Flexible Logo

#4 Product Pages

  1. Product Gallery
  2. Product Properties
  3. Related Products
  4. Banner Image
  5. Trust Icons
  6. Content Tabs
  7. Sticky Add to Cart
  8. Secure Payment Badge
  9. Custom Content
  10. Mobile Settings
  11. Variant Swatches
  12. Reviews

#6 Contact Page

  1. Featured Product Upsell
  2. Contact Form
  3. Settings
  4. Map

#8 General Settings

  1. Fonts
  2. 404 Page
  3. Favicon
  4. Colors
  5. Social Media
  6. Blog
  7. Layout Options
  8. Variant Options

#3 Collection pages

  1. Title & Description
  2. Menu
  3. Collection settings
  4. Categorized tags
  5. Banner image

#5 Cart

  1. Add-to-Cart Action
  2. Cart Settings
  3. Related Products in Cart
  4. Cart Settings
  5. Custom Content & Html
  6. Trust Badges
  7. Shipping Rates Calculator

#7 Footer

  1. Page Content
  2. Html Content
  3. Text/Button CTA
  4. Image
  5. Subfooter
  6. Menus

#9 Custom features

  1. Currency Switcher
  2. Countdown Timer
  3. Page Builder
  4. Deal of the day
  5. Announcement Popup
  6. Integration with Uploadery App
  7. Upsell Popup
  8. Newsletter Popup
Amazing Features
Amazing Features
Shopify merchants build amazing stores with Konversion
Shopify merchants build amazing stores with Konversion

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